Crowdsourcing Immortality book

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Crowdsourcing immortality mockup copy.jpg

Crowdsourcing Immortality book


The hardback book specifications
Perfect bound and printed in colour on high quality matt white.

Size: 6.690 x 9.610 inches (244mm x 170 mm) 

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What you can expect from Our Story Book

Our Story Book is the result of an experimental project aimed at creating the first ever book about immortality 100% crowdsourced on Kickstarter.

The idea was to find people from around the world, from all walks of life, to each write one page of the book, sharing their take on immortality. 182 co-authors stepped up to the challenge; an eclectic mix of poets, artists, writers, thinkers, comedians and photographers. Including several renowned philosophers and scientists, such as Aubrey de Grey, Stephen Cave, Zoltan Istvan and S. Jay Olshansk.

Here is just a flavour of what to expect…

This is a book loaded with beautifully illustrated pages, such as British illustrator Sally Barnett whose sketch imagines what new form humans would take if left to evolve over eternity. Have you ever wondered what a toddler might make of immortality? Our youngest co-author 3-year-old Svea Brook Gustavson has something important to share with you on the subject of mermaids that live forever. Or have you ever considered what you would do if you were immortal for just one day? Our French co-author Waele Al Saqqaf gives us the run down of his top ten. Or what if robots one day come alive – will their living be any different from ours? Indian co-author Sanchit Arora delves into these radical concepts that could become a new reality for humanity sooner than we think. Our Venezuelan Chef Eddie Perez will eat forever and serve you up his menu of immortality. Add in Arabella Patrick’s mathematical theory of immortality and let Danish co-author Søren Jensen explain it all with his simple graph. Or in true contemporary style, our Malaysian co-author Nicole Danielle who submitted her Twitter bio to sum up her take on immortality in less than 140 characters. Be inspired by perhaps our bravest co-author of all, who shares her suffering of mental illness openly for the first time in this book. Discover our co-author Waylon Wolf Black, a Native American descendant who talks of the immortal spirits of his ancestors. As well as South Sudanese co-author Peter Thiel Achiech, who shares the true story of Ajak, a local man who became immortal. Learn why ‘you NEED to live forever!’ in the powerful argument presented by American co-author Roen Horn. Wonder at the surreal self-portrait of immortality by photographer Nathan Heeney. Loose yourself in the epic short stories, poetry of immortal love. Get intimate with what our Brazilian co-author has to say on ‘the EROTIC page 69’ and don’t forget ‘the JESUS page 33’, the ‘HITCH HIKERS GUIDE TO THE GALAXY page 42’ and the ‘ROCK & ROLL page 27’. The list goes on and on!

However, the true value of this book, what makes it special, is how it captures an honest and unfiltered snapshot of immortality; as seen through the eyes of the everyday men, women and children in 2014. Open at random, read any page and discover why this immortal book deserves a place on your coffee table at home.