Merry Christmas & update on the book!

Dear backers and co-authors,

I am very sorry to report that the book will not be delivered in time for Christmas as we had hoped. The publishers failed to meet the print deadline, which due to this busy time of year proved not to be possible.

For anyone (like me) who was planning to give the book as a Christmas present, please except my sincerest apologies. This year my friends and family shall all be receiving IOU's as a temporary measure. Please see the image below, which I am making 'open source' for anyone to use, should you find yourself scratching your head in the same predicament. ;)

And the eBook? The final layout of the ebook was sent to me over the weekend. However there were a few things that I was not 100% happy with still, so I will be working with the publishers today to get this ready for you over the next few days.

In conclusion, I am now pushing the publishers to get the printed version of the book delivered in the first weeks of January. The eBook should be made available during the holidays as soon as I am satisfied it meets the standard you all deserve.

I would like to wish you all good health, happiness and a very merry Christmas!

Best wishes, James