Why Flipbooks are the best way to display your ebooks online!

After all the hard work that goes into creating your eBook, publication or report how do you ensure it is displayed online exactly the way you want it? This is the million dollar question I asked myself while creating my first ever eBook. More hours, days and weeks than I care to think of have been invested into getting the perfect layout for my book. Endlessly tweaking and nudging words, fonts and images until the look and feel of the book was just how a wanted it. But when the time came to posting the book online, every format I tried resulted in disaster! Fonts and images randomly changing sizes and jumping all over the page. I discovered the only format that maintained my original layout and quality was PDF in the form of a Flipbook.

Flipbooks are web applications which will convert your PDF to display online with the virtual appearance of a book or magazine. People can view your publication directly on a webpage without having to download anything. It is instant and easy to use; just like flicking through the pages of a real book. 

The way I created my book (I should really say OUR book) is a bit different from your usual story. Our book is titled "Crowdsourcing immortality' and was produced by 182 different co-authors from around the world who each wrote one page of the book. Sharing their own unique take on immortality in 2014. Literally, we crowdsourced a book and because so many people were involved, it was yet another reason why I needed to find a good way to display the book online to share updates with my fellow co-authors and show them how the book would work.

I searched the internet for every Flipbook service I could find. Testing different applications until I could find one that would do the job with elegance and simplicity. After much exploration I finally stumbled across instantflipbook.com. It is hands down the best flipbook service online! They offer a free 1 week trial, which allows you to upload your PDF within minutes and test out the full service. In my opinion there are three things that make this service stand out from the rest. Firstly, you can see that their display has been beautifully designed to give the impression of a real book, with smooth transitions and even complete with the option for page flipping sounds. Secondly and perhaps most importantly, it is incredibly easy to use. Many of the other applications I tested, resulted in me struggling for 20-30 minutes to get anything to work before having to give up out of frustration. Finally, they offer great support. Any questions I did have were answered straight away and they always managed to offer a little extra tips and friendly bits of advice.

If you are looking for a stylish and easy way to display your publications online, then it is well worth investing in a professional service like instantflipbook.com To check out a sample of pages from 'Crowdsourcing immortality' and to test out this Flipbook service for yourself follow the link below.

Read the sample teaser of Crowdsourcing immortality

Our Story Book is finally finished!

Dear co-authors, backers and supporters of Our Story Book!

If you have not already heard the good news, then here it is below...

The book has finally been finished (no, really it has! ;) and is being printed as we speak. Last week I sent out an email update to all the co-authors and backers of this project, which contains the important details you need to know.
* A link to view the book online and download your copy of the eBook.
* An apology and explanation for the long (long) delay.
* The timeline for when your printed versions will be delivered.

If you did not receive this email, then please get in touch with me and I can forward you this information.

If you would like to place an order for any extra copies of the printed book from the first print run, then follow this link: http://www.ourstorybook.org/shop/

Looking forward to that new printed book smell!
Thanks, James


Merry Christmas & update on the book!

Dear backers and co-authors,

I am very sorry to report that the book will not be delivered in time for Christmas as we had hoped. The publishers failed to meet the print deadline, which due to this busy time of year proved not to be possible.

For anyone (like me) who was planning to give the book as a Christmas present, please except my sincerest apologies. This year my friends and family shall all be receiving IOU's as a temporary measure. Please see the image below, which I am making 'open source' for anyone to use, should you find yourself scratching your head in the same predicament. ;)

And the eBook? The final layout of the ebook was sent to me over the weekend. However there were a few things that I was not 100% happy with still, so I will be working with the publishers today to get this ready for you over the next few days.

In conclusion, I am now pushing the publishers to get the printed version of the book delivered in the first weeks of January. The eBook should be made available during the holidays as soon as I am satisfied it meets the standard you all deserve.

I would like to wish you all good health, happiness and a very merry Christmas!

Best wishes, James